Historic Belém Tour

A travel through time to know better the history of Belém. The tour consist in a visit to Nazaré Cathedral, Ver-o-Peso Market, Feliz Luzitânia Complex (Castel Fort, Eleven Windows House and Sé Church), going close to the Peace Theater and the Docks Complex

Tuesday to Sunday: 8h30 and 14h30 Duration: 3h30

Nazaré Cathedral: the only cathedral in the Brazilian Amazon, its religion representative and importance make a huge influence in the religious part of the local population. The cathedral has the original image of the Our Lady Nazaré and is the place where the Círio de Nazaré (biggest catholic procession of the world) finishes its route.

Ver-o-Peso Market: The market is 380 years old and is a true symbol of the city and one of the most importance postcards of the region. Considered the largest open markets in Latin America, Ver-o-Peso was a candidate to the 7 Brazilian Wonders contest.

The market is part of a architectural complex that has a large number of historic buildings, including the Iroan Market, the Meat Market, The Clock Square, the Docks, the Açai Fair, the Castle Hill and the Fisherman Square. The complex was recognize as a federal landmark  in 1997.

It is very usual to hear that in Ver-o-Peso there are medicines for any kind of ills and various tastes. The market has a lot of herbs considered “magic", with special ingredients for bath. Besides that, a large number of type’s of meat, fish, local fruits, clothes, drinks and snack bars make the visit a curious experience.

Feliz Luzitania Complex: Located in the Historic Complex in Belém, it is a architectural and urban landmark, putting together the Castle Fort, the Meeting Museum and the Eleven Windows House . In the square Frei Caetano Brandão is also located the Sé Church, the Metropolitan Church of Belém.

Castle Fort: The place is the landmark of the beginning of the city. Inside of its walls, the visitor can see the Meeting Museum with indigenous handcrafting and pottery.

Eleven Windows House: Built in the 18th century as a house for a powerfull farmer, the place was already a hospital and now operates as a restaurant.

Sé Church: The Metropolitan Church of Belém is the archdiocese of the city and was built in the 18th century, being an important part of the Cirio de Nazaré. The tour also goes close the the Peace Theather, a replica of the Scalla Theater in Milan, and the Docks Complex, an old port of the city that now has restaurants and a small fair inside. 


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