Belém City Tour: Natural Wealth

Duration: 3h:30 min / Outputs: Tuesday to Sunday - 8:30 and 14:30

Get ready to know the Best of Amazon: putting together the beauty of fauna, flora and mineral resources. The tour includes visit to Emilio Goeldi Museum (that is also a Zoo), Mangal das Garças Park, the Jewelry Center and the Gems Museum. At the end, enjoy a delicious regional flavors ice-creams in the Batista Campos Square.   

Emílio Goeldi Museum: a meeting with the Best of the fauna and flora from Amazon and a quiet place in the middle of the town. There is nothing like it in Brazil. The museum keeps a good show from the tropical forest. The tourist will contemplate the agoutis, armadillos, sloths in their natural habitat because they are not in cages or anything like it. The visitor could also see the animals like anacondas, manatee, harpy eagles, tapirs, macaws, jaguars and amazon turtles in a reproduction of their habitat. The forest inside the city also has 3 thousands species of trees, incluing some that are in risk of extinction like mahogany, Castanha do Pará, rosewood, acapu, samaúma, açai and lilypad.

The museum has more than 3.500m² and is one of the major anthropologic and zoological of the world. It was opened in 1866 from the iniciative of intellectuals and scientists in order to help the studies of the region. Its activities focuses on the scientific research of natural and sociologic systems in the Amazon, just as the publishing of knowledge related to the forest.  Besides that, there is also a exposure of indigenous handcrafting. 

Mangal das Garças Park: the park is located close to the Guamá River, around the historic center, occupies 30.000m² and replicates part of amazonic environmental in the heart of the capital. The visitor will know the three types of soil in the region: the upland forests, the floodplains and the fields. The park has a pier, a restaurant, a butterfly vivarium, a birds vivarium, snack bars, a navy museum, artificial lakes with local teals, warders, chelonians  and a tower-lighthouse that the visitor can appreciate the whole view of the area. The sunset view at the park is an amazing experience. Close to the entrance of the park there is an old warehouse where handcrafting and plant are sold by local artists. 

The Jewelry Center and the Gems Museum: the building was an old prison tha took almost 2 years to be completely reformed. Today is a reference to all jewelry business of the state because their pieces in gold and gems made by local artists. There is also a local handcrafting products and pottery art with indigenous features.

Batista Campos Square: In 2005 the square won a Prize “The top 100 Brazil” as the most beautiful square in the entire country. Their architecture follows the plain “gardens without fences” and keeps the same characteristics from the last century with bridges, benches, fountains and iron gazebos. It is known as one of the most beautiful places in the city and perfect to taste the ice-creams flavors from Amazon. 


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